Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Brooklyn, Queens, and the Queens of Brooklyn

                                                                    That first glimpse of the sexiest city on earth
On our corner of Driggs Ave. 
Ejecta @ CMJ

Half the reason for heading back to Brooklyn - meeting this tiny cake Genius at Momofuku Milk Bar

Right in the middle of Chelsea, an artist takes over a Servo.

Chicken and mac n cheese at Pies and Thighs. Words cannot describe the deliciousness.

Mother flippin Shake Shack. No burger will ever come close to the perfectness.

Busy Brooklyn from above.

Would you ride a wooden roller coaster from the 20's?

Witnessing the NY Giants ending their losing streak against the Minnesota Vikings. Pure American pride on show.

So the blog hiatus has ended! got the rest of my films developed from the trip and a few extras and lets just say a heap of photos didn't work out. So for New York you are stuck with my phone photos.
Man I ruddy love New York. Walking around Williamsburg almost makes you angry how cool it is and how practically impossible it is to get a Visa to stay any longer than 90 days. We ate delicious things, got to meet up with some friends and see come CMJ shows and Questlove from The Roots play his Thursday night Brooklyn Bowl show Bowl Train. I got shaky knees getting to meet and assemble vanillary cakes with Christina Tosi at the Momofuku Milkbar HQ and generally just loved pretending that we were New Yorkers in our perfectly positioned apartment. Oh and attending an NFL game was pretty rediculous - at one time trying to hide the fact I was crying with laughter listening to a father and son from Jersey heckle each other and then hiding tears of happiness when a Soldier was reunited with his family on the field who thought he was coming home from service in a year.
Oh and I got the op shopping deal of my life in Bushwick after a dumpling mission in Queens. 
Our next mission was to pick up a rental car on the edge of the city and drive - yes I said drive - upstate and as far as Montreal.

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