Saturday, 26 April 2014

Homeward Bound

horse sculpture in Saratoga Spring

amazing neighbourhoods funded by Saratoga's big winners - water and horse racing
artist retreat

amazing lunch stop on the way back down to New York City

a silly pitstop

amazing autumn colours

incredibly precious cargo

a mad dash to the opposite site of the airport for one final Shake Shack experience.
And in the space of 48 hours we were back at JFK airport getting ready for the 20 plus hours flight home. A night's stay in the beautiful Saratoga Springs set us up for a marathon 7 hours in the Impala, ending up driving waaaaaaay too close to Manhattan than I would care for when we missed a very important turn off. There was a major teary meltdown, but we ended up at JFK in one piece, ready to turn in those keys and stay the hell away from american expressways for as long as possible. Returning home to 30 degree weather was not a feeling I was quite ready for, but I had memories of frozen lakes, delicious burgers, sugar coated cake lessons and boozy nights out with new and old friends to help me deal with that.

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